Whether you act as your own social media manager or you hire an agency, you know frequent posting can be an effective marketing strategy. How you represent your brand through those quick interactions can have a big impact on how prospective customers feel about your company.

Forbes recommends honesty as the best policy. The article states, “Just saying the truth and setting the message in a clear fashion is a simple way to make sure your marketing will help your clientele and make sure they are happy doing business with you.”

Rule No. 1: Build trust through authenticity

Transparency and authenticity are two marks any social media manager could miss when trying to maximize reach using techniques or hashtags that aren’t brand-appropriate. Many of your potential clients could become disillusioned if your social media messages and images are inconsistent with your brand. 

Inconsistency is one sure-fire way to destroy trust and loyalty, but how does your social media manager remain brand-consistent and show respect for prospects while keeping content fresh and relevant? Here are a few basic guidelines to help you build a respectful (i.e. trustworthy) social media posting strategy.

Rule No. 2: Always refer back to rule number one

Here’s a simple way to keep the most important elements of social media management and planning top-of-mind as you build your strategy.

  • Relevant: Content shared needs to be in line with your brand and your target audience.
  • Engaging: Engage your clients with questions and other interactive posts. This includes sharing content on a regular schedule. 
  • Specific: Every business claims to be the best. What makes you stand above the rest? 
  • Platform-appropriate: What are the best social media platforms for your business? Is one account enough or do you need more? Which platforms don’t align with your brand or business goals? How does your message need to change to suit each platform?
  • Evolving: Trends change constantly. It is important to stay abreast of algorithm changes for each platform and be aware of what’s trending, who’s seeing your posts, and how you can increase engagement and avoid social media missteps.
  • Content: Words and images should add value to your audience’s feed. Do they?
  • Targeted: Know your ideal customer, their habits on social media, and how they prefer to interact with your brand on different platforms.

Being mindful of your brand message and delivering honest and valuable content shows your customers continued respect and builds connection with them. Honesty and respect will drive customer loyalty, growing your positive reputation. A positive reputation will attract new customers, resulting in growth.

A social media manager for every brand and audience

Cowtown’s Social Media Management Team is ready to help you create an effective and respectful social strategy. Our services include:

  • social media consulting
  • page creation
  • calendar development
  • paid advertising
  • ongoing management
  • comprehensive analytics
  • and more

Do you represent a church or other service organization? In addition to small and medium-sized businesses, our social marketing team also has extensive experience helping nonprofits navigate social media and show up on page one of search engine results. We can help create a plan that honestly portrays your organization to the community, building your following and brand through straightforward and respectful dialogue. Contact us today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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