Change can sometimes be the best thing for your business.

Your brand is the image your business projects at every public interaction, while sometimes it’s necessary to go back to the drawing board for a rebranding strategy. If your company’s image has suffered due to competition or reputation challenges, explore the possibility that it’s time to reinvent your brand.

From mission and vision statements to colors, imagery, and logos, Cowtown Creative can develop a rebranding strategy for your company that makes a real connection with your target audience for years to come.

Brand Research & Development

Learn specific details about your existing brand challenges. The Cowtown Creative team will gather data from industry-leading sources, your internal team and employees, and your target audience to produce SWOT and competitor analysis.

Corporate Goal Setting

Where do you see your company in a year? 5 years? 10 years? Develop a brand that will help you achieve your personal and business goals, working with Cowtown partners who understand the immediate and long-term focus for your company.

Mission, Vision & Messaging

With your goals and challenges in mind, we’ll help craft mission and vision statements that proclaim your corporate values to the world and serve as the basis for your brand voice. Every rebranding strategy needs a clearly defined set of standards that will provide consistency of messaging for every brand interaction.

Employee Engagement

Successful branding initiatives require buy-in from employees at all levels. Cowtown Creative can assess employee satisfaction and develop a detailed employee engagement plan that ensures a successful launch of your new brand and improves overall retention and morale.

Visual Brand Development & Design

If consistent voice and messaging are the foundation of a successful rebranding strategy, your brand’s visual identity is the cornerstone. Using target audience and market research, Cowtown Creative’s team of design professionals will develop your new brand’s colors, logos, images, and any owned channel design needs.

Integrated Communications Strategy

We’ll take your business goals, market, target audience, and messaging to develop an internal and external communications strategy that builds your brand identity at every touchpoint. Provide messaging consistency, trust, and loyalty with an integrated communications strategy that keeps your new brand top of mind.

Go To Market Strategy

This step is where it all comes together. A go to market strategy incorporates business objectives, target audience, approved messaging and visual brand identity. Within the context of ideal UX and building brand recognition, our strategists lay out a detailed plan of action and timeline designed for ultimate rebranding strategy success.