GTM stands for “go to market” strategy, whether you’re launching a new business or a new product or service.

When you’re developing your GTM strategy, always keep your brand and long-term business goals in mind. Being mindful of your brand and taking the time to properly research and plan can help make your vision of your company’s future a reality.

How to Define Your GTM Touchpoints

An important step in creating your strategy is defining your GTM touchpoints. A touchpoint is any interaction between a prospective customer and your brand, and mirrors a sales funnel at many points.

When developing your strategy, it’s important to consider a few questions (sometimes more than once).

  • What is your market?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What is the demand for the product or service you’re providing?
  • How are you going to distribute the product or service?
  • Do the answers to the above questions align with your brand?
  • If not, is it time for a rebrand, or time to adjust your GTM strategy?

The answers to these questions and others help create a process that will add value when you’re ready to go to market.

Dig in a little deeper to learn all about GTM strategy details from this HubSpot article.

Where Do I Start?

You’ve had an idea and created a business plan. Now it’s time to start developing a GTM strategy so you can officially be in business.

Creating a new business or restructuring and rebranding your current business is a monumental task that can sometimes be overwhelming. Take the time to evaluate what you know and what you don’t.

This is where Cowtown Creative can help. We provide full go to market strategy services and the experience to act as your sounding board and best practices advisor during GTM strategy development.

Our team can:

  • Find the answers to questions about your market
  • Create tools and metrics to gauge success
  • Develop a persona that effectively represents your target audience
  • Effectively align your brand with your business’s personality
  • Create a process to transform prospects into loyal customers

When you partner with Cowtown Creative to create the most effective GTM strategy, you increase the value of your business and are ready to be competitive and successful in your market from day one. If you’re ready to launch or just thinking about a new vertical or product line, schedule a free consultation today.

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