Growing your business requires an effective marketing strategy.

What is a marketing strategy, anyway?

It is the overarching focus of all your marketing, communications, and advertising efforts (your marketing plan). A strategy is organized to meet identified business goals and implemented thoughtfully to increase business growth through sales and customer nurturing. These strategies are created based on current market research and your business goals and target audience.

A marketing strategy can be applied to a focused area or to an entire business. They’re long-term but should be dynamic to allow for regular pivots depending on what’s working and what’s not within the marketing plan and tactics.

What is a marketing plan?

After a specific marketing strategy is set in place it is time to create a plan to achieve the goals of the business. A marketing plan is the specific steps to implement your strategy. Marketing plans include advertising, branding, communication, and more.

How do strategies and plans work together?

A business must develop a succinct strategy before implementing a marketing plan. According to an article from Market Business News, “You should first determine ‘what’ you want to achieve and then work out ‘how’ you will do it.”

By having a clear image of where you want your business to go, you’ll be able to create the most efficient plan to get there. For example, a strategy is to engage with more clients. The plan is to post regularly on social media.

Is your marketing strategy working?

Part of the process of identifying goals, creating a marketing strategy, and implementing marketing plans is to take the time to evaluate your progress and process. By continually evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing strategies you can focus resources on what’s working and identify opportunities for improvement.

Cowtown is your marketing expert

Cowtown Creative offers comprehensive marketing services. We help clients discern the correct strategy for their unique business.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Market analysis identifies market trends to help create an effective strategy.
  • Target segmenting identifies your customers and what they need.
  • Goal identification and evaluation based on research.
  • Persona development creates a fictional consumer to help identify what drives decision making.
  • Strategic planning includes aspects such as brand awareness and content strategy.
  • Budget creation keeps marketing strategies on track and efficient.

Take advantage of our free, 30-minute initial consultation if you’re interested in growing your business through effective marketing. Through realistic management and evaluation, we ensure the best use of your resources by keeping marketing costs low and delivering the highest quality strategy and reporting. Contact us today to find out how Cowtown Creative can help your business with a fresh look at your strategy.

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