If you’re like most smart professionals, you want to attract clients with modern and engaging communication tools while delivering on a great user experience (UX) strategy. 

If you’re unsure of exactly how to go about it, the following quiz is meant to highlight your strengths and focus attention on areas needing more attention so you can elevate your customer or user experience to increase engagement and conversions.

Are you keeping up with UX strategy industry trends?

Staying updated with (anticipated or current) industry advancements is crucial. It will help you design marketing strategies that are well defined, tactical, authentic, and relevant. If you don’t know what UX strategy is, start there. A great user experience can build relationships and long-term clients, while a negative user experience can destroy trust and brands.

Remember that new UX strategy tools like chatbots and fancy website integrations may or may not be right for your target audience. A good marketing agency should steer you away from any bells and whistles that won’t improve UX or conversions for your brand, and will make recommendations for UX strategy that include more than just websites.

Can clients expect honesty from you?

Make sure you aren’t making false promises. Stay away from lofty claims and create realistic client expectations.

If, for example, your brand offers quick and easy merchandise returns, make sure your customer service people are following through on that promise. Great UX strategy doesn’t end at your website or social media channel; it carries through your entire organizational culture.

Do you stand by a quality-always approach?

Hopefully it’s something that can go unsaid (but we’ll say it again anyway)… you really can’t be offering substandard products and services, customer service, communication, or website experience, and expect a loyal customer base.

Is your website built in a custom, responsive framework?

If you haven’t established a strategy for delivering an excellent user experience, your UX strategy needs to address that. 

How do you know what customers are experiencing on your site? Check out these tools you can use to do a quick site health check on your own, or contact us for a full website audit and recommendations for improvement:

Do you have a solution-oriented customer service team?

Customers want to engage with someone they can count on. Make sure your team is reliable, quick, and solution-oriented. If customers don’t feel heard, your approach needs a re-evaluation. 

Remember: be authentic, provide brand-appropriate answers and processes your people need to serve clients well, and stand behind your product, service, and people. Show customers you care at every turn!

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