Fort Worth event planning practices changed forever as event managers responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. As businesses navigated social distancing and working from home, virtual meetings and industry conferences became the standard. 

The world is now actively recovering from the pandemic, but businesses realized huge cost savings on employee travel as industry and business went virtual. Fort Worth event planning continues to evolve in response to changing health guidelines and a new perspective on in-person and virtual events.

Fort Worth Event Planning Transformations

Hybrid Events

More hosts and sponsors want to return to in-person events. A growing option is a hybrid event. These events include in-person and virtual components. These types of events have many benefits, especially the ability to reach a wider audience. Event planners must now consider location and technology to support virtual participation. 

Travel Expenses

The economic impact of the pandemic is still undetermined. Many businesses must evaluate their budgets to decide if the expense and time associated with traveling to in-person events is feasible. This makes hybrid and virtual conferences even more appealing.

Venue Capacity and Procedures

Event spaces still sometimes have capacity restrictions, and safety guidelines continue to change. Health authorities still often recommend smaller groups of people over larger gatherings. In response to these guidelines, event planners are creating procedures, such as contactless check-in, to reduce time standing in large lines. Presentations and workshops are also made smaller by offering more sessions and video conferencing options, even at in-person events.

Activity Options 

Venues with large outdoor facilities are in high demand. It is also more common for events to offer more choices when it comes to after-hours social activities. Organizers offer more social gathering choices to reduce the total number of people at each activity and promote networking in select groups. 


Post-pandemic event communication has evolved to include far more information than previously required. Event planners must now coordinate with venues regarding safety protocols and guidelines then communicate requirements to participants. 

Are you overwhelmed with trying to plan your professional event in a post-pandemic environment? Cowtown Creative’s Fort Worth event planning services are available to help coordinate, promote, and host your next event. 

Cowtown Event Management

The Cowtown Creative event management team will help you determine the best structure for your event. We take the time to understand your goals and how to best reach your intended audience, resulting in the highest possible levels of participation. Fort Worth event planning may have changed, but the Cowtown Creative team is able to navigate all in-person, virtual, and hybrid planning needs to increase the value and success of any event. Schedule a consultation with us today, and let’s start planning.

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