The past few decades have been eye-opening for marketers as we’ve had to learn the nuances of customer experience (CX) strategy. 

We’ve had to learn new skill sets and implement ever-changing analytics tools. Technology and digital user intelligence have evolved, and that requires that we step up our CX game.

What is CX strategy?

CX strategy relates to every interaction a prospective customer has with your company’s brand. It’s a combination of digital impressions, interactions with your website, and communication with your company via chatbots, email, and phone calls. 

CX is the essence of how people feel about your brand, and it can be the catalyst for building lasting relationships with loyal customers. People who have a positive experience with a brand will tell an average of nine people. On the flip side, those who have a negative interaction will tell 16 people.

How to build up your brand’s CX quotient

Here are three things you can do right now to improve interaction with your target audience, build relationships, and give consumers the experience they want.

Step 1: Focus on your website experience

We don’t often see the old ‘90s HTML sites anymore, and for good reason. Once prospective clients reach your website, they expect it to be easy to navigate so they can find what they’re looking for. That requires that your website be visually appealing, not overly text-heavy, and easy to use from the main navigation menu. 

If a website isn’t easy to understand or is visually overwhelming, you’ll know by looking at your analytics. Bounce rates tell us what kind of first impression your site creates. If bounce rates are high, it’s time to complete a site review to check for first impression, ease of use and functionality.

Understanding what site visitors expect versus what they’re getting is called customer journey mapping. It’s just the first step toward improving your site and building trust through improved user experience, but it’s integral to building relationships.

Step 2: Get strategic on social media

Once your website is ready for more traffic, it’s time to funnel prospects with a social media strategy that gets them there. Digital platform algorithms change frequently and can affect whether or not anyone sees your posts. 

Networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are increasingly monetizing business presence. You may find that the organic post you shared last month that saw huge engagement just won’t work this month. That’s why building a digital strategy with a good mix of organic and paid posts can increase impressions and website traffic. 

The trick is that digital strategy has to be flexible and requires a lot of babysitting to stay relevant as platform inventory and algorithms change.

Step 3: Nurture those new leads with CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) campaigns are essential to complete the relationship-building cycle. Think about the last time you visited a website and left something in your cart without purchasing. Did you receive an email from the company with a reminder or a special offer? If you had, would you have completed the purchase? CRM campaigns are built within a larger content marketing plan that speaks to your business goals. If your goal is to convert new business leads, it’s essential to nurture those leads through a dedicated and consistent communications strategy.

Gaining trust is an integral part of building a credible and trustworthy brand, but it requires a committed and efficiently executed strategy to be most effective. Let Cowtown Creative handle the details. Contact us today and let’s talk about the best options for building your brand through an improved CX strategy that works.

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