Advertising agencies in DallasRecent changes in digital platform privacy policies have advertising agencies in Dallas scrambling to adjust ads strategy for better performance. With even more privacy changes ahead, it’s time to take a deep dive into your marketing strategy to determine how to maximize ROI by getting ads in front of qualified leads.

First, let’s get into a little background for context.

Apple’s iOS Privacy Changes

Apple’s first foray into the user demand for increased privacy settings included the iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency feature. This affected digital ads delivered via apps like Facebook (Meta), which used to offer much more flexibility when it came to delivering ads to targeted groups. While Meta still offers targeting based on user location, demographics, interests and other data points, iOS 14.5 allowed Apple users to opt out of tracking.

For digital advertising agencies in Dallas and everywhere, that meant ad distribution was suddenly throttled in 2021. Existing campaigns were no longer being delivered efficiently to Apple users, and since Meta is a top source of website traffic via digital advertising, entire campaigns suffered a reset.

That was just the beginning.

Apple continues to double down on user privacy. The latest announcement in June revealed that iOS 16 will enable a lock screen that basically puts apps on “do not disturb” mode, so forget those super effective push notifications. What’s more, geotargeted ads will now trigger a warning to Apple users, allowing them to turn off location targeting.

Google’s Coming Cookie-tastrophe

Although Google announced the end of third-party tracking cookies in Chrome by 2024, the change is already causing an uproar. Analysts predict the change will have the most negative effects on small businesses that use targeting via third-party cookies like those collected by apps like Meta.

Chrome is the predominant browser of choice worldwide, used by more than 65 percent of all digital ads audiences. This cookie change could devastate the digital ads ROI of any company that doesn’t adjust strategy now.

That’s the backstory. Now, here’s what advertising agencies in Dallas are doing to adjust, and so can you.

Step 1: Use Keywords and Organic Posting to Boost Ads Performance

Typically, we measure advertising ROI on several levels. First, we look at the number of leads generated, then conversions from those leads, then the cost for each conversion measured against their lifetime value. With various digital ad targeting tactics facing end-of-life, it’s time to reconsider your customer journey and get detailed with how you reach them, and when.

Instead of relying on Google ads, for instance, to drive traffic to your website, take a more organic approach. Google My Business offers you a huge opportunity to improve website traffic organically. Start by using Google Keyword Planner to find search terms used by prospects who are in the transactional stage of the sales funnel. Those keywords and their long-tail variations (like, “What are the best advertising agencies in Dallas?”) should be somewhere in your website content, metadata, and page slugs, for starters. If you then also post organic, social media-type posts with images to your GMB profile, you’re doubling down on valuable, lead-generating keywords.

That’s just one example of how some research and organic digital content can boost traffic and get you more qualified leads. If you’re also paying for Google Ads, they’ll perform better with those keywords included in your targeting.

Oh, and make sure your social media platforms are complete and branded. Those Google search results also feed your site’s SEO, and a properly optimized site will see better traffic using an integrated digital advertising and SEO content strategy. (Not all advertising agencies in Dallas and Fort Worth pay close attention to that part. We do.)

Step 2: Serve Up Ads People Want

Sometimes, Google Ads isn’t the answer. It all depends on your business and target audience.

Digital advertising companies in Dallas and everywhere rarely offer more than search or display ads. But, with iOS 16’s changes to SharePlay (a FaceTime video integration where people watch things together – and see ads together) and the growing popularity of podcasts, consider branching out with your ad content.

From Q1 to Q2 2022, brands got more traction from audio (yes, audio!) and video ads than ever before. Here are the comparative market share statistics that are most impressive:

  • Audio ads on podcasts saw a 14 percent increase
  • Movie theater video ads were up 12 percent
  • Music streaming audio ads were served up 11 percent more
  • Even radio ads increased 9 percent, Q1-Q2

How can you grab your share of leads and conversions from alternative digital ads sources? We have some ideas there, too. Some of them are even free, but you do have to know your current and prospective customers to maximize their effectiveness. (We can help with that.)

  • Share your expertise as a guest on a local podcast that’s popular with your customers. Or… sponsor that podcast.
  • Find influencers that align with your brand and propose an organic social content campaign.
  • Resurrect direct media buying with digital publications and streaming services where your audience spends time.
  • Nurture the leads list you do have with interactive and useful email marketing campaigns.
  • If you’re still paying for Google Display Ads, make sure they’re showing up where your customers are spending time.

Step 3: Improve User Experience

This is really step one, because you don’t want to spend money on ads to send people to a 1990s website. If your website (where people spend the most time interacting with your brand) isn’t delivering a great digital user experience (UX), why would you send them there to learn about your company?

Connect with prospects where they spend their time. At the end of the buyer journey, that’s your website. In the middle, it could be Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Google serves up some crossover, so you must find the right transactional keywords to target qualified leads and get conversions.

The bottom line is this: invest in a great website that makes people trust your company and want to do business with you. That’s what your ads are asking them to do, so it’s important that your website delivers a trustworthy, business-worthy experience at the decision-making phase of the funnel.

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