What started out as a way to share personal thoughts and insights 20 years ago has turned into big business for every full-service digital marketing agency. Blogging is still the most important vehicle for content delivery for your brand. 

Know what else? Great blogs contribute to search engine optimization (SEO) results that are measurable. See how else you can jump-start your SEO strategy with these beginner’s tips for website optimization.

Blog like the pros for best results

Here are 8 ways agencies use blog content to improve your brand recognition:

  1. Links. Business pages with blogs generate 97 percent more inbound links than those without blogs, directing more potential customers to your site.
  2. SEO. What better way to load your site with relevant and actionable links, images, and content than through blogging? All of it affects SEO, so a full-service digital marketing agency builds the online presence of their client brands with regular blog posts. Upload new posts frequently, and watch your rankings climb.
  3. Engagement. Setting up your blog to auto-post to social media could be the smartest way to get more engagement with your readers and prospects. Allow comments on your blog posts for even more interaction.
  4. Traffic. Websites with blogs get 600 percent more traffic than those without. That’s worth an hour or two of your time every month!
  5. Leads. Inbound SEO leads boast twice the conversion rate of any other digital leads. It makes sense; if people are searching for what you offer, a blog makes your company easier to find. Your content is attracting qualified leads.
  6. Credibility. Blogs are a great way to share your knowledge about your industry and establish your team as a group of experts who are willing to share applicable and useful knowledge.
  7. Customer experience. The more opportunity you give customers to interact with your voice and expertise, the more you provide an experience that builds loyalty. Customer experience IS the wave of the future, so don’t miss every opportunity to give your brand a voice and provide opportunities for interaction with your clients and prospects.
  8. Adaptability. Top website traffic channels include YouTube and podcasts, and a blog is a great way to incorporate a variety of media that lives on (and drives traffic to) your site. Just think of all the content a single video or podcast will provide in the form of transcripts, and you’ll understand why this is important.

Get started with a full-service digital marketing agency approach to blogging

While it’s great if you can build a business around a blog (and many people have), it’s also essential that you build a blog around your business. Posting about 20 times a month tends to provide the best results, but life happens. Write when you can and stock up on some evergreen posts to build your blog, stay engaged with readers, and stay sane in the process. 

The easiest way to start? Post at least once a month to refresh SEO content and keep building your search engine credibility and improving your page ranking. Or, for an even easier solution for all your content marketing needs, hire a local, full-service digital marketing agency that understands your business and target audience.

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