The best digital marketing agency understands that sales shouldn’t always be a top priority for every brand, at least not at first. Our experienced team agrees that digital marketing is moving swiftly away from competition for sales, and moving toward competition for relationships.

If you build relationships with your customers, higher sales are a natural result.

Branding and marketing have always been connected , but now they’re even more intertwined as companies strive to build relationships through consistency and trust. Before you can launch a cohesive brand strategy, you need to develop a branding and marketing plan built on clear objectives.

FAQs about Fort Worth digital marketing services

What do digital marketing agencies do?

The digital marketplace is constantly evolving, and we’re noticing a lot of specialty agencies pop up that only offer a few services. You might find that one firm specializes in Amazon marketing services, while another one only offers professional logo design and graphic design services.

The top three most popular digital agency specializations these days are Google listings management, search engine optimization or SEO agency services, and digital advertising. We think they’re all too interconnected to separate, so we’ve built our full-service digital marketing agency around integrated marketing services.

What is a full service vs. digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency offers marketing expertise in the digital realm, but may not address non-digital tactics. Digital-only agencies tend to focus on the online marketplace, with products and services specifically for that audience.

We think that tends to ignore certain prospect segments who prefer more traditional marketing. Whether you need print ads, print materials, tabling kits, signage, billboards, events, and even radio and television ads, really depends on your unique selling proposition and clientele. Cowtown Creative is a full-service marketing agency: we offer award-winning digital marketing solutions, as well as any other marketing solutions your business may need.

Why hire a digital marketing firm?

The evolution of the online marketplace in just the last 5-10 years requires a dedicated digital marketing effort. If your company is going to thrive, internet marketing efforts must meet the continuously growing demand for digital interactions with your brand.

Without an online presence on multiple digital channels, your business will not be positioned for growth. Carefully managed strategic marketing plans can be the key to the brand recognition, loyalty, and success you’ve been looking for. Digital strategy is an integral part of any marketing investment.

How to hire a digital marketing company?

With so many of our clients coming to us from agencies that made big promises and didn’t deliver, we developed a guide to hiring a marketing agency that can help you ask the right questions. The key thing is to hire an agency that has great reviews, comes otherwise highly recommended by someone you trust (that’s in the article!), and has an online reputation for excellent customer service.

Please, please, please: always require transparent reporting and regular communication. You wouldn’t believe the horror stories we’ve heard about agencies who can’t prove that what they’re doing is working. If you want to see what a good monthly report looks like, we’re happy to show you what our clients review with us every single month in our strategy calls.

Our Fort Worth digital marketing clients get results with this 3-step approach

Let’s take a look at three steps we take to help our clients define and refine priorities as we build a brand. Whether you’re developing a go-to-market strategy or facing a rebrand, all marketing priorities should be reassessed as business goals change.

Step 1: Define product and go-to-market strategy

It seems very basic to define what it is you’re selling, but this part of building a brand strategy is essential because it speaks to your company’s mission, voice, and target audience. The best digital marketing agency for your business will make sure all stakeholders are aligned on messaging and goals before developing a strategy.

Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re on the right track during the strategy development phase:

  • Know your product and the pain points it addresses.
  • Similarly, know your audience and their motivation.
  • Create consistent messaging that appeals to those specific pain points and inspires action.
  • Use that messaging everywhere to create a relationship-building consistency your prospects can count on.

Step 2: Build credibility through consistent branding, tone, and messaging

Trust and credibility go hand-in-hand. If a consumer’s experience with your brand is consistent, trust is a natural by-product. We’ve broken down a few digital campaign elements that need a bit of extra attention for most of our clients. You can use this as a checklist, as well, to ensure you’ve established a firm foundation for all your branding and marketing efforts.

Content writing for every stage of the buyer journey

While providing messaging consistency, offer bits of knowledge through blog posts and digital content that guides the reader to the conclusion that your company is helpful and knowledgeable. Establish your industry expertise by giving some of it away, and you’ll become a credible source of information.

Here are a few key content marketing pieces to consider on digital channels:

  • On-page website content should be useful and optimized for organic search
  • Social media content needs to be on-brand and posted consistently
  • Depending on your industry and target audience, deliver content types and channels specifically for your audience; don’t spread yourself too thin
  • Create larger pieces of content (which could include white papers, annual reports, videos, e-books, and cornerstone or pillar website content pages) about every 1-3 months, and build additional helpful content from those pieces
  • Interact with customers and prospects consistently to build trust: reviews, social media posts, over the phone, and in person

Web design and development

Does your website reflect your brand and deliver a positive and consistent user experience? Did your web design agency pay close attention to search metrics and bundle SEO services in with your site build?

As the hub of all your marketing efforts, you’ll need to make sure your site is in top shape before you send prospects to it via print materials, social media, organic, and paid search:

  • Optimize for speed and mobile usability
  • Develop on-page structure that keeps the user’s interest and is interactive
  • As always, keep branding and messaging consistent with what users will find in any interaction with your brand, on any channel
  • Focus on conversion rate optimization through careful SEO keyword targeting by intent, with dedicated landing pages for conversions from PPC ads and strategic internal links

Step 3: Develop contingencies and continuously assess key marketing metrics

Any marketer will tell you that planning for the unexpected is essential when building brand strategy. Outline in great detail how your team will handle unexpected issues, negative customer interactions or reviews, and any other bump in the road that could affect the public’s perception of your brand.

Have a plan in place to analyze and adjust current practices as your marketing plan is implemented and your brand recognition grows:

  • Carefully monitor your marketing agency-provided monthly reports
  • Assess progress as it relates to your business goals with customized KPIs
  • Review digital marketing strategies and branding strategies quarterly and every six months, and adjust where you see opportunities
  • Work with your digital marketing agency to keep in touch with what competitors are doing, and don’t be afraid to ask questions so you understand your options

Always keep assessing and adjusting your strategy

Once you’ve built a digital marketing strategy using this three-step process, don’t hesitate to adjust how you’ll monitor your brand and what analytics you will use to define success. Many digital marketing agencies in Fort Worth and beyond use standard KPIs to measure the success of pay-per-click campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) for organic search, and social media management.

The thing is, you may not even need all those services. Your company deserves to be treated as the unique entity it is, with unique goals, challenges, and customers.

Once you’ve defined your unique metrics, don’t hesitate to adjust your tactical mix when the numbers indicate you need a change. Your agency partner should lead that conversation and be willing to explain the whys, hows, and level of marketing investment before you commit.

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Make sure your entire team, and especially your marketing agency, is aligned and understands how essential every element of the plan is for building a positive brand experience. That experience can then translate into customer trust and loyalty that feeds the long-term success of your business.

That’s what brand strategy is all about, and the best digital marketing agency in Fort Worth (ahem) can help you figure it all out . Send us a message today, and we’ll set up a 30-minute consultation to better understand your business opportunities, then present you with a proposal to maximize your marketing ROI as quickly as possible, while maintaining your brand and building customer trust and loyalty.

That’s how we built Cowtown Creative, so we know how to implement proven marketing practices that get results for your business, as well.

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