Today’s smart, selective, and cynical customers only consider purchasing from online businesses they trust. That makes it crucial for you to nurture a sense of trust among your customers through your marketing efforts.

How do you do that?

Here are ten ways you can make your customers trust you more, and one way that will bring down customer trust like a house of cards:

Things you should do

  1. Add testimonials to your website and social pages to help your customers see you as a legitimate company that others have trusted. This makes it easier for them to trust you, too.
  2. Keep your marketing subtle and straightforward. Minimalism in marketing can work wonders for your business growth.
  3. Use high-resolution images and videos to give customers a detailed view of the offering(s) they are interested in. Remember: design is what 94% of consumers see first on a website.
  4. Whether it be order cancelation or refund initiation, have a process your customers can easily understand and reciprocate.
  5. Forget about hyperbolic claims. Be open and transparent about your products and services – including clear pricing and even limitations – and trust will come easily.
  6. Highlight your expertise in relevant topics that directly hit your customers’ preferences and tastes. People want to have reliable sources of information, and if you are one, you have earned their trust.
  7. Be consistent across all touchpoints to make your customers understand you better and know what to expect from you. This will lead to acceptance, adoption, and even advocacy.
  8. Don’t flood your customers with spam or cold calls, and hope for a response. Timely outreach can help you earn their trust and loyalty.
  9. Show your customers the face behind your brand. Add pictures and professional details of people who run the show, so your customers know who they are dealing with. This may not seem like much, but transparency makes a business inviting to customers.
  10. Display your contact details like your phone number or email prominently. Customers trust brands that feel easy to connect with.

One thing you should never do

Today’s customers are wise to gimmicks and hype; so resist the urge to oversell your products and services with marketing ploys such as spammy emails, flashy banner ads and pop-ups.

The Sum

Don’t be afraid to put in the hard yard needed to win the trust of your customers. It is the surest route to skyrocket business growth.